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The Pacific Northwest
Jack Russell Terrier Network Rescue

The Pacific Northwest Jack Russell Terrier Network Rescue is dedicated to the welfare of Jack Russell Terriers in need in the Pacific Northwest.

We serve Jack Russell Terriers in most of Washington, Oregon and at times, parts of Alaska, Idaho and Montana as well.

We gather information on unwanted, abandoned or incompatible terriers in these areas and help to place them in appropriate new homes where they can lead happy, healthy, productive lives with people who understand the breed.

We are funded solely by donation and staffed completely by volunteers. We successfully place close to 100 terriers a year with help from people like you.



We are in desperate need of FOSTER HOMES for needy terriers. Fostering a Jack Russell Terrier means giving it a chance at a new life when it has been abandoned or is unwanted in its current home. Temporary shelter is provided in foster homes while new homes are searched for that are appropriate for the dog. If you have experience with terriers and room for a terrier in need please contact us.

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